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Alchemize Your Pain

Alchemize Your Pain

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Reclaim Your Life From Chronic Pain!

Are you sick and tired of feeling like a prisoner in your own body? Is your chronic pain affecting your career, and even your relationships? Are you not content with merely managing your pain for the rest of your life?

In Alchemize Your Pain, author and chronic pain survivor Jami Allred will help you shift from being a victim of your pain to being in control of your pain. After suffering a back injury and then being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, Jami's life was forever transformed. Her once healthy body was now wracked by chronic pain. Conventional medicine was unable to help, so she set off on a journey of exploration to learn how to manage her pain-a journey that in time led her to living the life she now loves, a life largely free of chronic pain.

Jami shares vulnerable aspects of her story along with various techniques that helped her. Her story illustrates that if you learn the unique needs of your mind, body, and spirit, you too can claim a rich, fulfilling life from your chronic pain. In a society that does not support the concept of self-healing, especially without pharmaceutical drugs, Alchemize Your Pain is designed to help you tap into your divine power to heal so that you can take your life back and explore the destiny that was meant for you.

In this book, Jami covers topics that you might expect, such as diet and exercise, but she also delves into more nontraditional subjects such as cultivating a creative outlet, and even psilocybin.

By combining the holistic approaches discussed in this book, Jami has learned how to alchemize her own pain. Because of her successful results, she has been compelled to share her approach in this easy-to-use reference guide so that you, too, can alchemize your pain and reclaim your life!

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